Living Art - A Creative Retreat

Experience the transformative power of the creative process at Living Art Sweden, nestled amidst Stockholm’s enchanting archipelago. Over seven intensive days, learn tools to manifest your deepest desires and accelerate your personal development to new heights. Whether you’re seeking career advancement, soulful fulfillment, or simply a deeper understanding of creativity, this workshop offers profound insights and practical techniques to reshape your life.

Founded by Robert Fritz, Living Art embodies decades of wisdom in creative expression and structural dynamics, guiding you towards a future filled with purpose and possibility.

During seven intensive days, you will work with the creative process and you will learn how to create what is most important to you in your life.


We who run the event

Meet the mentors who will guide you through this transformative journey:

Martin Alskog – Distinguished actor, director, and theater producer with a wealth of experience in leadership and creative expression.


Ira Sakolsky – Polymath artist, educator, and disciple of Robert Fritz’s work, guiding participants on a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression.


Meet the team behind

Ahmed Ali: Master communicator and advocate for community impact and inclusivity, ensuring a supportive and enriching environment.

Line Fors: Creative director and visionary, passionate about fostering a growth-focused community centered on creativity and collective empowerment.

Malin Arebert: Practitioner of Transformational Health Work and mindfulness, Malin will guide the participants through daily yoga sessions for holistic wellness.

Sakil Hossain: as a project manager, Sakil explores and teaches productivity from a spiritual aspect and is inspired by creative processes to get things done.

Living Art is for:

  • You who want to take your personal development to the next level.
  • You who already have a successful career but want to take the next step.
  • You who have a good life but there is something missing,
  • You who repeated the same pattern over and over again and don’t know how to proceed.
  • Those of you who just want to learn the principles of the creative process and how you can fill your life with more of what you love most.
  • Monday, July 29th Check-in
  • Sunday, August 4th Check-out


Here is our price:

$3000 for the 7-day workshop and accommodation at Arbottna Mansion in their tastefully renovated rooms


For more information and to register, contact

Last registration date: 5/15/2024.

Spaces limited to 30 participants. First come, first served.


Join us at Living Art and embark on a journey of meaningful growth and inspiration!

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