Recover after Covid

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We want to offer the body the best conditions for recovery and strengthening. These conditions are rarely achieved in our daily living conditions due to old established habits. The retreat in Arbottna will be first of all the best way of interrupting habitual patterns in order to develop and anchor new and healthy behaviors.

This retreat is for everybody concerned about the proficiency of their self-healing mechanisms. This includes people during the long covid recovery process, suffering post isolation and quarantine effects, preparing for the next winter, challenged by confusion on health-related issues, or as a complementary therapy to the treatment of other chronic conditions. Those who are suffering from different chronic diseases need to check in with us before signing in.

The most efficient ways to cool down and enter into a healing mode are known and tested:

  • Retreat, away from normal living conditions – from work stress and also from the space occupied in our brains with quarantine, isolation, or infection.
  • Nutrition as in a healthy diet – the signaling system that makes our cells shift the internal metabolism. Immersion in nature. Social connectedness.
  • Movement – complex physical exertion, adapted to personal needs and integrated with therapeutic applications.
  • Mind interventions – from simple forms of mental training to meditation, counseling, exploration of health-related subjects during open group discussions or personal study supported and mediated by a specialist. Anchoring good habits into daily routine in an easy, fun, and lasting manner.

These are all included in our Arbottna weekend retreat. The following program along with the charming facilities of our domain are the perfect support for your recovery and enjoyment.

Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc is a physician specializing in integrative medicine, holistic treatments, and personalized therapeutic strategies. Her work is characterized by the following:

  • Broad teaching skills with a focus on novel educative methods and the ability to translate complex medical and metaphysical concepts into accessible language and motivational methods.
  • Expertise in one-on-one consultations, adaptation to the individual, cross reference, and multi-leveled approach to healing and personal transformation.
  • Highly creative and passionate pioneer of many successful and life-changing programs and training.
  • Conscientious, organized and flexible, easily adaptable.
  • Non-judgemental listening and assessment, mindful and compassionate contribution to personal optimization.
  • Great interest in details and the structure of the human mind.
  • Passion for the dynamic of development and evolution of human nature, disease and health connections, life resources, spiritual journeys.

”There is one clear conclusion springing from all the women’s transformational programs that I organized in the last 25 years: women are able to learn from each other much faster than from books or Dr. Google. The negative, restrictive direction of development and learning is as true as the most constructive one. The direction setting is drawn by the exclusive and beloved domain of Arbottna as well as the carefully designed principles of the retreat. On their basis, a woman’s creative force will blossom into healing, completion, and delight.”

Dr. Mihaiela Pentiuc

We are looking forward to admiring your wings unfold!


Founder of Amrita Healing, a private center for the integration and applications of alternative, complementary and holistic therapies with specialization in yoga therapy, therapeutic meditation, detox, Ayurvedic typing, homeopathy, personalized coaching, and overcoming health challenges during spiritual practices.

One of the first comprehensive 800hrs academic-style training for specialization into
therapeutic applications of yoga therapy.

Senior teacher and trainer of teachers and yoga students with specialization in biology, anatomy, and physiology applied to yoga, holistic therapies, tantric and spiritual practices. Hindu and Tibetan yoga styles with both Vedantic and Tantric versions. Meditation teacher in Yogic and Kashmiri Shaivism styles as well as mindfulness and therapeutic applications.

Complete Femininity Founder and Facilitator – personal transformation workshops and training programs for women, 2002–2017
Intensive international activity of health counseling, teaching, lecturing, personal and spiritual mentorship continues to present.

Gr. T. Popa Medical University Iasi, Romania — MD, 1991-1996
Carol Davila Medical University Bucharest, Romania — Physiatrist, 1996–2002
George Vithoulkas Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos, Greece – CCH-Classical Homeopath, 2006–2010
Yoga Therapist – C-IAYT Certification International Association of Yoga Therapy, USA
Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy – Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004
Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy – Himalayan Institute, Dehradun, India, 2000


  • 16.00–18.00 Checking in, introduction to the space and program, investigations
  • 18.00–18.30 First group session
  • 18.30–19.30 Dinner
  • 19.30–20.30 Nature immersion
  • 20.30–21.30 Self investigations in a group setting, journaling, questioning, writing, speaking
  • 21.30 Contemplation, study, self honouring time and preparations for good sleep
  • 7.00–8.30 Morning rituals
  • 8.30–9.30 Movement and breathing group exercising
  • 10.00–10.30 Breakfast
  • 11.00–13.30 Individual therapies
  • 14.00–14.30 Lunch
  • 15.00–16.00 Yoga nidra, power napping training, NDSR
  • 16.30–18.30 Nature immersion and afternoon movement and breathing session
  • 18.30–19.30 Dinner (including cooking tips)
  • 19.30–21.00 Group investigations on health related subjects
  • 21.00 Contemplation and self honouring time plus preparations for good sleep
  • 7.00–8.30 Morning rituals
  • 8.30–9.30 Movement and breathing group exercising
  • 10.00–10.30 Breakfast
  • 11.00–13.30 Individual therapies, support for the personally adapted home program
  • 14.00–14.30 Lunch
  • 14.30 Group conclusions, nature immersion, goodbyes, infusing our living space with newly acquired inspiration and healthy habits


Från 7 500 kr
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The retreat costs 7,500 kr. Bookings are made through

Questions? Send us an email at or call 08-686 00 24.

When we have received your booking, we will send you a confirmation email with payment options.

You can also add a yoga massage treatment with our own Ana Meleiro for a reasonable price. To book an appointment, contact Ana directly at 070-231 82 34,

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Arbottna Herrgård is located on Arbottnavägen 19, Muskö.

It is a 50-minute drive from Stockholm.

With public transportation, you take the commuter trains to Ösmo, then buss 849 to Muskö kyrka, and then walk for half an hour from the bus stop via Algatan and Arbottnavägen.

Your journey starts here!

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